Careers at Discovery Time Learning Center

The Top 5 Reasons to Work at Discovery Time Learning Center


1. We work hard and play hard! No two days are the same at Discovery Time Learning Center. Our teachers serve our children and families with an aim of exceeding their expectations daily. Our fast-paced learning environment means that multi-tasking with a smile must be natural for our teachers. Meeting the challenges pays off intrinsically but team outings, teacher spirit week, zumba sessions during PD, monthly appreciation meals and our famous candy basket help us to play just as hard as we work. 


2. Our team of teachers have awesome training opportunities. We believe training should be fun, motivational, relevant and provide an opportunity for educators to push the refresh button. In the last year, Discovery Time provided 2 opportunities for paid training in Florida and a third conference opportunity in Richmond. This is all in addition to 3 on-site staff development days and the opportunity for all employees to sign up for any of the 100s of trainings offered from the State of Virginia each year. 


3. You'll earn great pay you for your great performance. At Discovery Time Learning Center, we take classroom excellence seriously. In fact, we are one of the first early learning centers in the area to reward excellence in a real way. In addition to a competive base compensation package that includes health insurance, paid holidays and leave, and tuition reimbusement, our teachers have the opportunity to earn up to an additional $2000 in annual bonuses, $1000 of which is based on standardized performance expectations.


4. You'll grow here, personally and professionally. We set high expectations and our teachers rise to the occassion, growing in the process - it's that simple!


5. Our teachers are the best in the area. We are awesome! Really! Our leadership team has worked tirelessly to build a fantastic group of teachers who are committed to our parents and children and will do whatever it takes as we strive to be the best. In between wiping faces and shaking musical instruments, our teachers SMILE, SING, DANCE and HAVE FUN TEACHING to ensure that our children play, learn, and go home super happy. We are a team of true early childhood professionals who LOVE what we do each day!

My Discovery Time Story

What our Teachers are Saying...

"I have had the greatest summer working with you all and your kids. You guys make things happen here at Discovery Time. Whatever it is, it gets done. The ladies of Discovery Time are a group of phenomenal people with huge hearts and I'm so glad that I spent my summer in your classrooms. You guys kept me learning and laughing and you also kept me in check. You guys are true professionals at what you do. I can't wait to see you again soon!"  

-Ms. Anijah, Early Childhood Summer Intern


 Ms. Kyra, Lead Teacher for Twos

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