Our Founder

Founder Stephanie Harris opened our program with a bubbling enthusiasm for teaching young children in 2014. A native of Alexandria, she discovered her passion for child development in the early childhood program at  T.C. Williams High School. Her enthusiasm continues to inspire the staff at Discovery Time to carry out our mission. Stephanie holds a business degree from Howard University and a master's degree in education from George Mason University.

Our Mission

Discovery Time Learning Center was founded with a purpose of Supporting Families, Guiding Discoveries and Empowering Children to be their very Best. 


This mission guides our work and is essential to providing young learners with the strong early childhood foundation that​ is so critical to their future. 


Our Curriculum

Recognizing that children grow in predictable stages, our discovery based curriculum balances intentional guidance with children's natural curiosity to explore their environment.


Our observation based assessments monitor progress as children work towards achieving social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical developmental goals at their own pace.

Our Educational Philosophy

At Discovery Time Learning Center we believe in child-centered, play-based education. Our early childhood programs are built upon four general principles: every child’s learning is different, environment shapes learning, strong teacher - child relationships make a difference, parents are partners and play is essential.

Every Child’s Learning is Different:
Early learning is an exploration that children pursue at their own pace. Each child is unique and and has unique developmental needs—an open-ended curriculum assures that each child can engage with developmentally appropriate activities based on their individual interests.

Environment Shapes Learning:
Our classroom spaces are organized to facilitate various kinds of playful exploration, from active to focused, independent to whole group. A consistent routine provides predictability and a sense of security and learning centers allow for children to freely access the raw materials for learning.

Strong Teacher - Child Relationships Make a Difference:

In the first 5 years, every single interaction​ with a child matters. Our teachers build a relationship with each child to provide a sense of security, cultivate self-esteem, and plan for each child's unique needs in the classroom. 

Parents are Partners:

Within our learning center, you will find a connected community of ideas, family resources, and genuine network of support. We welcome you to share your insights, talents and interests so that learning becomes a shared experience that will continue throughout your child’s educational process.

Play is Essential:

Children that are given the opportunity to play are able to construct their own knowledge, practice skills and are self-motivated. Children can work individually or with others, connect experiences to their own lives and use their own learning style as they engage in the environment around them. 

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