In preparing children to be their very best, we have to meet children where they are and guide them to where we want them to be. Each of our programs offer new and exciting ways for children to learn, reinforce, and solidify key developmental skills.




Offered to children 6 weeks - 5 year olds, our early childhood program operates 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Our curriculum is designed to support the whole child as they develop socially, emotionally, phsyicallly and cognitively.



Offered to children  16 month olds - 5 year olds, our part-time program focuses equally on the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of every child. In addition to structured activities based on our curriculum, children are also provided the opportunities to explore and make creative discoveries based on their own interests.  We have two day and three day per week options available.



Offered to 2-5 year olds, flex care includes drop-in care for the days when you just need a few hours of care to run an errand as well as back-up care when your child care provider is unavailable due to sickness, vacation, or an unexpected emergency. Families must pre-register prior to participating in a flex day.



Day Camp at Discovery Time means field trips, pool time, exciting activities with learning and discoveries hidden inside the fun. Our summer camp curriculum includes themed sessions design to engage campers as they build new friendships and make a lifetime of memories.





Discovery Time enrichment offerings include lessons in the areas of foreign language, music and dance, computer education, and others. We choose session offerings based on the interests of our children and parents and welcome new ideas.



Family is at the heart of everything that we do at Discovery Time.  When families are strong, children have opportunities to reach their potential and whole communities are strengthened. Our workshops are designed to support and build upon the strengths that each family already holds. Topics include understanding learning styles, improving bedtime routines, positive discipline, literacy at home, and others. Our workshops offer families an opportunities to learn from each other and share ideas about the challenges and victories of parenting.

Support, Guide, Empower


Supporting families means we are here to serve you. We do this by offering learning opportunities, conveniences like morning snacks when you don't have time to finish breakfast, and parent night outs to give you a little 'you' time. Guiding discoveries means that children initiate their learning within our strategically designed classrooms.Even when children participate in lesson planned activities around specific concepts, our teachers encourage children's initiatives and choices. In play situations, our teachers follow children's lead. While teachers may look for opportunities to extend your child's discovery by introducing a new idea or vocabulary word, they stay within the context of the child's play choice. Empowering children to be their very best​ means we are dedicated to ensuring that your child grows a little bit each day. Our teachers model and teach valuable skills that will help your child learn to deal with disappointment, share, empathize, collaborate, and problem solve while learning in core content areas ensuring that they have the skills necessary for kindergarten and beyond. Empowering children also means we encourage children to make choices and explore and make discoveries in their own unique interest areas in order to promote a life-long love for making new discoveries.


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