What Our Families are Saying . . .


Marianne and Leo

Infant - Toddler Program

 ". . . I couldn't have asked for a better daycare care experience. We're moving to Ohio and we will miss you."

Ruba and Reef

Infant - Toddler Program

 ". . . What we love most here is all of her teachers and how caring and loving they are."

Andrew, Lindsay, and Piper

Infant - Toddler Program

 ". . . We have just felt part of a larger community here and everyone has watched her thrive and grow. "

Tonya and Kaelyn

Preschool Program

 ". . . She's going to Kindergarten already able to read, already able to do lots of basic math."

Debbie and Alex

Preschool Program

 ". . . I love their approach to care and to teaching kids who may need a different approach to learning."

Martha and Chloe

Preschool Program

 ". . . We feel so safe and secure dropping her off each day. She's in the best hands."

"Aside from being conveniently located, I always felt comfortable dropping my daughter off because I knew she was being cared for by the teachers and staff who seemed to have a genuine interest for children. Additionally, Ms. Shirlita and her twos teachers (when she was in that room) really worked with Denise, on potty training, listening, learning to write/trace letters and numbers and other important growth and developmental skills. VERY SATISFIED with Denise's development the 1.5 years she was there. We wish that we could have taken the school and teachers with us when we moved."

                                                                                                                                               -Staci, Dennis, and Denise

"When our previous center asked us to find another place for Alex, I didn't know what we were going to do. Then we found Discovery Time and I have come to realize that finding a more accepting environment was probably the best thing we could have done Alex. It has been a relief to know that we have someone in our corner as we try to navigate this road for Alex. I hope that you continue with your philosophy of giving all kids a caring learning environment. Some kids just need a little extra time, patience and understanding to find their gifts; I believe that the team at Discovery Time understands this.” 

                                                                                                                                               -Debbie and Alex

“We are continually impressed by how the teachers lead the kids through the daily routine, while also allowing for plenty of free-play time.  Routine and structure really help our child feel secure.” - Parent of Two Year Old


“Teachers show a lot of love to the children. Happy to drop my child off in a place surrounded by so much love. Teachers seem to have a real understanding of the individual needs and personalities of each child.”

  - Parent of Infant, Family Feedback Survey

"She really blossomed in the crawlers room under the care of the amazing teachers. We are so grateful for the love, support, and patience that your team shared with us -- especially as new parents trying to navigate a new world."  - Parent of Infant, Family Email

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