What our Families are Saying...

February 11, 2019

Shout out to Ms Adriane! We were playing with alphabet books tonight and I was super surprised that Leo knows letters T, B, R, W, A, V, S..... I definitely haven’t practiced these so I know it’s coming from your teachers! In fact I asked him multiple times because I thought he was just guessing, lol. I really couldn’t ask for more as an educator and mom. My two year old is 70% of the way to the DCPS PK4 exit goal of knowing 10 letters....(you know I had to make it a percentage lol).  DTLC is so much more than a daycare... thanks for all your team does.

​December 13, 2018

I just completed the survey, but I wanted to shoot you an additional email since the survey is anonymous. We are so please with our experience at Discovery Time, so far. Aden struggles with change and lacked confidence in the whole school thing, but he's grown to love it. He looks forward to his days there and talks about his teachers and friends at home. The activities are creative and interesting to him. Ms. Stephanie really know him, and she can read his needs. His biggest struggle right now is his poor eating, but Ms. Tamika has worked on this with him daily and we see growth! 


Last week, we had our parent/teacher conference with Ms. Stephanie. First of all, she was super accommodating because I signed up and got the day wrong in my head. So she met with us the following day, which I believe was her lunch time. The data provided on Aden's learning was great and she gave us good feedback on what we can work on at home. All and all, we are so happy with Discovery Time. 

Kindergarten Connections

Our day is designed to provide the structure needed to prepare your child for kindergarten and the flexibility needed to allow your child to make self-directed discoveries in their own areas of interest. Our directors and teachers work closely with area elementary schools to ensure kindergarten readiness. 

November 29, 2018

I have also been meaning to share some reflections and feedback on the incredible team at Discovery Time Learning Center. Whenever possible we share this verbally with team members, but I want to ensure it’s conveyed directly to you. Our family is tremendously grateful for the wonderful care team that has played a key role in Evie’s flourishing over the past year. In the infant program, Ms. Lamaira, Ms. Lavenia, and Ms. Mayra will forever have a place in my heart for the warmth and care they provided to both Evie and to me as we transitioned from my maternity leave to me returning to work. I was so flustered during Evie’s first week at Discovery Time that I forgot bottle covers the first day and more often than not, would cry at drop off. Ms. Lamaira was generous with her hugs and reassurance, and during my extensive time on Watch Me Grow, I would feel so much comfort seeing Evie getting hugs and kisses. At the end of the day, I’d hear from the team about all the new things Evie tried and the small ways she was changing and growing, which they watched diligently. Seeing Evie light up when she would see the team really meant the world to all of us. It felt like we were true partners in Evie’s development and were tailoring her experiences directly to her. I was scared when Evie was set to transition to the mobile infants room and to leave the team we trusted so fully. But everyone was committed to a smooth and easy transition, and first Ms. Tiana and Ms. Rosslyn and now Ms. Biancka and Ms. Dakayla show the same level of care and investment in Evie. What’s been especially exciting to see is how encouraging Ms. Biancka and the rest of the team is of our daughter’s emerging creativity, adventurousness, and ways of expressing excitement. They embrace her unique character. I have no doubt that this same commitment will continue as she moves into the Toddler classroom.

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